Do it yourself Storage Containers – Pack and Load on Your Own Schedule

With a local portable storage container, you can pack your own belongings and load the portable storage container at your own pace. Then, when it is ready, the container will be picked up and transported to its destination.  Moving with portable storage containers helps relieve the time pressures of loading and unloading. It also saves the expense of hiring movers to do the packing and loading for you.

Though it is an option frequently overlooked, using a mobile storage container is simple and provides considerable freedom. Here is how it works:

Contact your Local Portable Storage Container Provider

First, contact your portable storage container provider. Arrange for a portable storage unitof the appropriate size to be delivered to your site on a specified date. At Total Relocation Services, we can provide portable storage units ranging from 12 feet to 20 feet in length. Typically, the container is booked for one month. However, if you need more time than that, you can discuss it with the provider. Delivery will need to be set up, In most cases, a month before your moving day will give you ample time.

Once the portable storage container has arrived, begin to fill it. With the container available on-site, you can pace yourself as you pack boxes and load them into the container. Plus, rather than stacking boxes and furniture throughout your home or office, you can load them immediately and get them out of the way.

Finally, have the container transported for you. On an agreed-upon date, the portable self storage container provider will prepare the steel container for shipment. Assuming you are ready to move into your new home, your container will be delivered directly to its destination to await unloading. Alternatively, if it will be a while before you are ready to unload, your belongings can be placed in short-term or long-term storage.

steel portable storage container saves you the hassle of trying to do it all within a few short hours. If it rains or snows on a particular day, you have the flexibility to wait for better weather. If it will be a day or two before you load anything else, simply lock up the container to keep your belongings safe.

Portable storage units can serve purposes other than residential moving. For example, a container can be useful if you relocating your small office or home office to another site. Retail stores looking to relocate or in need of excess storage space for inventory—perhaps in advance of seasonal sales—can take advantage of a portable storage container. If your home or office is undergoing renovations, a portable self storage container can be a handy place to store your belongings until the renovations are complete.


There are several benefits and uses for do it yourself portable storage. Prices vary according to the size of the container, how long you need it, and what will be done with it once it is filled. For a free portable storage quote, contact Total Relocation Services at 800-432-9512 or click on the “Free Portable Storage Quote” button on this page.

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