To keep things moving smoothly (your mail, the bills, subscriptions) during this transition, you need to let others know about your upcoming move and change in address:

Post Office

  • Leave a forwarding address or a temporary forwarding address.
  •  Post Office can hold your mail for 30 days and forward it to your new address.
  • Renting a Post Office box in your new city must be done in person.
  • Post Office rentals are available for up to six months.
  • Magazine and newspapers are forwarded for 60 days.
  • First class mail is forwarded gratis for one year.
  • Fill out one change-of-address card per family if all members have the same last name; otherwise, one card per person. The card is available at your local Post Office.

Insurance Agencies

  • Auto
  • Health
  • Fire
  • Life
  • Home (As Acts of God coverage is not provided through the carrier, talk to your Insurance Agent about maintaining your current homeowner’s policy until your goods arrive at their final destination).


  • Doctor/Dentist (ask about transferring records)
    • Collect records; ask your doctors if they can recommend colleagues in your new city.
  • School (ask about transferring records)
    • Collect copies of children’s school records
  • Church
  • Stockbroker
  • Magazine Subscriptions/Newspapers
  • CPA
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Lawyer
  • Banks
  • Miscellaneous service providers – lawn care, etc.
  • Transfer car title registration and your driver’s license



  • Gas, electric and water services – Notify local authorities to turn off service, coordinating the date with your move out day.
  • Telephone service – If possible keep phone service on until after loading day).
  • Cable/Satellite TV services