Fragile Items

Some items require special care due to their fragile nature. In addition to careful handling, they may require servicing before the move or special packaging.


  • All pianos are pad-wrapped.
  • Grand and Baby Grand pianos need to have the legs removed and then reassembled at your new residence.
  • A piano may require tuning after the move; the carrier is not responsible for this service.


  •  If separate, pedals and boards must be removed. Contact the nearest music dealer in your new community.

Grandfather Clocks

  • A clockmaker must service and remove the weights and pendulum.
  • Clock will need to be synchronized and leveled by a clockmaker at your new residence.

Fish tank/aquarium

  • Drain water and allow sand and fixtures to dry.
  • Crating may be required depending on the size.
  • Transporting fish is your responsibility.

Artwork – paintings and sculptures

  • May require crating for safe shipment.
  • Type of painting will determine type of packaging.


  • A qualified individual should appraise items of extraordinary value.
  • Photographs of items are recommended. Do not put the photos in with your shipment.
  • Note any signatures, serial numbers or manufacturers marks. Keep this information with you.

Pool Table

  • Typically, TRS recommends disassembly at origin and set up at new residence by a specialist.
  • Your TRS counselor can schedule disassembly/reassembly by a professional.
  • Slate tables will require crating services.


  • Must be drained and disassembled.
  • Pack mattress separately.
  • Your TRS counselor can schedule disassembly/reassembly by a professional.