Companies typically pay for a normal delivery spread, within industry standards. Your delivery is dependent upon the amount you are moving and the mileage your shipment is being transported. Your TRS Counselor will help you determine the delivery timeframe that best fits your needs. Communicate with both the van operator and your TRS Counselor to determine your actual delivery date. You will be informed of the delivery date and time the crew will arrive.

  • Direct the crew regarding placement of items in rooms.
  • Re-arranging furniture can result in an extra charge.
  • Inspect and check off belongings.
  • If an item is missing, note it on the inventory. Please make sure your van operator follows this procedure.


  • The removal of belongings and disposal of paper and cartons.
  • Items will be placed on the floors, counters, tables, etc., not put away.
  • Unpacking will be performed by the driver and crew or a separate crew on delivery day or the next business day.

Carton Removal

  • If debris removal is approved, it is to be completed at the time unpacking service is provided.
  • There is an extra charge to come back at a later date to pick up cartons. If necessary, your TRS Counselor can arrange this service.