Packing & Inventorying

If authorized by your company, we recommend professional packers. How your belongings are packed can determine the safety of your goods during transit. If damages occur, cartons that are not packed by a professional packer are not the sole responsibility of the mover and damages may not be recoverable.

Before the Packers Arrive

  • Remove all breakables from closets and drawers.
  • Detach any mounted items.
  • Complete household chores (i.e. laundry, dishes, trash removal).

Please secure the following items in an area away from what the movers will be packing. You should transport these items yourself:

  • Money, coin collections
  • Gems/jewelry
  • Stamps
  • Purse/wallet

The Packing

  • Your Total Relocation Services Counselor will give you a window of time for the arrival of your packing crew.
  • The crew will bring all of the necessary equipment to safely pack all items that need to be transported in boxes.
  • Each box will be marked to indicate the room the items were in (i.e. MBR-Master Bedroom).
  • The number and types of cartons needed are determined during the pre-move survey and through information our counselor receives from you.

Inventorying Your Belongings
Before your shipment is loaded, your van operator and moving crew leader will prepare an inventory list. This list is the legal count of your belongings and indicates their condition at the time of loading.

  • Each item on the list will be tagged with a numbered sticker.
  • Its condition will be noted on the inventory.
  • Before signing the inventory, make sure all items are listed.
  • Your signature indicates you have agreed upon the items taken, and their condition, as listed.
  • If you and the mover do not agree on the condition of an item, note this on the inventory listing.
  • A separate inventory list should be filled out for items that will be placed in storage.

At destination, this inventory serves as your list of items due to arrive at your new residence. Please make sure you carefully check off items as they are unloaded.

  • Please note any missing items (or entire cartons) on the list.
  • Have your van operator sign the list stating that items are missing.

NOTE: This is the most important factor in filing any future claims. Items that are not noted as missing will not be reimbursed or settled following your move.